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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Richie Tardboy Hughes- Ignorant of Evolution

Earth to Richie Tardboy Hughes- evolution can occur without universal common descent being true. IOW you are proud to be an ignorant asshole and it shows.

Richie sez:

Man is quite a clever problem solver. We use pattern recognition, intelligence and exogenous information to design these classes of models. They do okay, but apparently (emperically) not as well as GAs, which without our intelligence (or hubris or preconceptions) find novel ways to build explanatory frameworks.

GAs area tool that man made. Therefor anything it does traces back to us. GAs are an example of intelligent design evolution. There is nothing about GAs that support unguided/ blind watchmaker evolution.

Back to the point of the OP- Richie spews:

If you think evolution is okay but was initially configured, don’t be upset with Lenski or Tiktaalik’s location.  

LoL! Lenski supports baraminology and you are the one who is upset with Tiktaalik's location as it upsets your position's scheme. Also evolution can occur without universal common descent. IOW you are nothing but a grand equivocator and a coward.

 If you despise all things evolution (and you do, poster child for ID is simply upset with evolution) then also be upset with Eureqa’s outperformance. 

Again only a moron faggot would think that ID is anti-evolution and here is Richie tardboy Hughes. And Eureqa is a designed program. Meaning it wouldn't exist and couldn't do anything without us. Everything it does traces back to humans. It is a designed thing doing what it was designed to do.

The botton line is GAs are design all the way down.


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