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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elizabeth Liddle- Choking on Logic

Over on Lizzies blog I had said:

The whole point behind CSI is right now every time we have observed CSI and knew the cause, it has always been via some agency- always, 100%- almost law-like

So when we observe CSI and didn't directly observe it we infer some agency was involved.

And to refute that inference all one has to do is step up and demonstrate blind and undirected processes can produce CSI starting with no SI at all.

Lizzie responds by saying I directly contradicted myself and that what I said was akin to:
All cats have four legs
This animal has four legs
This animal is a cat.

Who the fuck, in their right mind, couild even make such a connection?

So I responded with:

What I said would be more like-

All quadrupeds have four legs

This cat has four legs

This cat is a quadruped

And as always there is oleg in the background praying that my comments will not get through so that his nonsense and ignorance are not challenged.

But anyway if I were a clueless evoTARD that wanted to post a bunch of misrepresentations about Intelligent Design, I would also heavily moderate someone like myself.


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