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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paleontologist Attempting to Test Common Ancestry

Finally someone is going to step-up and put the theory to a test- dinochicken

That is he wants to take a chicken and devolve it until it resembles the dino-ancestor the researcher "knows" it once had.

This is the opposite of my idea of taking fish embryos and mutating them until the fins became limbs.

However his proposal makes a little more sense because if I didn't start with the "right" fish then I would never get the limbs (allegedly). However seeing that chickens had a dino for an ancestor somewhere in their lineage history then it should be easier to get one to revert back (than it is to go forward).

Some people may laugh at this but I say it is about time someone stepped up to at least attempt a test of this nature. Kudos for that.


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