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Monday, July 25, 2011

Here's to you- Tennis Racquet Bug Zapper Designer Guy

Tennis racquet bug zapper, don't leave home without one.

Yeah I tried the passive approach of applying insect repellent, and it has its uses. I have used the invasive yard-foggers, smokers and citronella torches and candles. I had used a now defunct sonic-web. I haven't tried the mosquito magnet. And even conventional fly-swatters.

They all have their place. As does the tennis racquet bug zapper. Take this baby on walks and you can turn that walk into some revenge-filled fun. "Say hello to my little friend"- ZAP and even a snap, crackle, pop when you hit a juicy horse or deer fly.

Most times you just have to hold it out, activate it and the bugs fly right into it as they circle you to find the right landing spot.

This could be the next exercise craze- although by exercising we add more CO2 to the air, and we all know what that means? Warmer temps for more insects! And a tennis racquet bug zapper for each hand.


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