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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Addled Tards Behaving Cowardly

EvoTards are so freaking predictable and clueless.

case 1- Robin the clueless:
What is it with Joe and the "blind watchmaker"? It seems every time I turn around, Joe has changed a subject or discussion somewhere to focus on some "blind watchmaker theory".

Well, ole ignorant one, had you been paying attention of the blind watchmaker thesis I provided the definition and "Doveton" said it was the definition of the theory of evolution.

That tells me that you are a fucking ignorant blow-hole.

Heck we have been down the road of genetic accidents- I made and supported the claim and you choked up something but never supported it.

Go figure.

And just below Robin's post we have Ogre MKV aka, Kevin R McCarthy exposing his ignorance with:
It's his totem or something. He can't argue against actual evolutionary theory so he's made one up based on the blind watchmaker and that everything dealing with evolution is chance.

Again Doveton said what I am talking about with the blind watchmaker is the theory of evolution! And Richard Dawkins agrees. Strange, that.

The sad part is neither of these two asswipes can present anything that refutes what I claim!

But anyway, sticking with McCarthy- he tries to call me out:

I would suggest the following topics of discussion:

Intelligent Design cannot distinguish between an Intelligent Designer and a non-intelligent source of complexity. (I'm for, you would be against)

Intelligent Design's predictions have been accurate with regards to scientific discoveries. (You are for this, I would be against.)

Your first topic is a strawman- as I have told you several times now. And your second topic is useless unless you have to post your position's predictions so we can compare.

You want to debate? The topic would be your position- ie non-telic- against mine- telic. But before that you would have to demonstrate some understanding of evidence, which from your blog posts, you clearly don't. So the debate is a non-starter.

And what is the point? You banned me from your blog because I exposed you for the fucking liar you are. All you will do is continue to deny everything I post about ID and all that refutes your bullshit.


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