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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wesley Eleberry Chokes on Information

Wes chokes on information:

Joe seems to be arguing that you don't have more information with two copies of a dictionary than you do with just one. Trivially, though, you have the information of how many copies there are. That will increase as log_2(n) with increasing n. (I think we covered that in Elsberry and Shallit 2003.)

Given a species with n base pairs, sometimes a tetraploid daughter species can be produced that has 2n base pairs. If there is no change in information for that case, as it appears Joe argues, would we expect that parent and daughter species of that sort are morphologically indistinguishable?

No Wes if you have two copies of the same dictionary you do not have twice as much information- not in the sense I and ID are talking about. If that is what you and Shallit wrote then you two are ignorant.

As for your example- well Wes how much of the genome is ACTIVE? Is it just n or is it 2n?


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