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Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowball Earth- Evotard Evidence for a Global Flood!

Snowball Earth is generally accepted to have ended about 650 million years ago.

And seeing that snow is water- according to evotards- then that means there is evidence for a global flood.

Any questions?


  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger Reciprocating Bill said…


    Snowball earth, and the emergence from same, has been hypothesized to have played a crucial role in the emergence of multicellular life. From a 2007 article from Geobiology concerning that event:

    "We hypothesize that global-scale Neoproterozoic glaciations caused unicellular eukaryotic individuals to experience high within-group relatedness and therefore strong kin selection ((a) above). Because between-group dispersal was at or near zero on a planet covered with ice, cheats could not spread over the population and individual strategies involving kin competition had a reduced fitness payoff compared to non-glacial conditions. The benefit of altruistic strategies was increased by the need for resource sequestration and accentuating disequilibrium with the environment, which (we think) is more efficient with the division of labour possible with macroscopic, organ-level differentiation (Boyle & Lenton, 2006). After reaching or approaching fixation by local kin selection, such multicellular-scale physiology had consequences that made groups of altruists significantly more likely to survive the harsh abiotic conditions than groups of cheats – causing strong between-group viability selection (encompassed within (b), above). Therefore by reaching local fixation, cheat genotypes caused the group they were within to experience dramatically curtailed growth, or (more likely) dramatically lower survival probability. Snowball Earth thus gave rise to a uniquely strong sampling process favouring altruism, of kin selection within groups and group viability selection between groups, a process that operated over a geological timescale and a global spatial scale."

    Neoproterozoic ‘snowball Earth’ glaciations and the evolution of altruism

    I notice within the paper a theoretical model chock full of content and mechanisms:

    - selection and levels of selection.
    - population bottlenecks and repeated founder effects resulting from snowball earth
    - kin selection and the conditions required for the emergence of altruistic traits.
    - selection pressures for group level differentiation
    - between groups dispersal of "cheats"

    The proposal is expressed with specificity sufficient to permit mathematical modeling and simulation, which permits a degree of testing and refinement. Several possible findings that would disconfirm their model are noted, including findings pertaining to the timing of the emergence of certain biota relative to glaciation events and an empirical examination of the evolution of cooperative traits in existing extreme environments.

    What is ID's hypothesized explanation for the emergence of multicellularity, other than "the designer wanted there to be multicellularity?"

    I see more testable theory and empirical thinking in this single article than exists in the entire ID movement.

  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger Joe G said…

    So you agree there is evidence for a global flood- interesting indeed.

    And your equivocation is duly noted- ya see there isn't anything in your references that peratins to an accumulatuion of genetic accidents nor blind, undirected chemical processes nor the shit just happens mechanism.

    IOW Mr Bill you are still full of shit.

    But thanks for chiming in anyway.


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