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Monday, November 29, 2010

RichTard Hughes- STILL Choking on Information

Yes it is true- Richtard Hughes is such an intellectual midget that he sez I am wrong- he doesn't have anything to offer demonstrating I am wrong, he just sez it:

RichTard Hughes, STILL choking on information:
Joe, you're entirely wrong. Your hilariously idiotic cake episode highlights that, but you're too stupid to see that. You've never calculated the CSI of anything, nor has any other IDer.

Unfortunately for RichTard Hughes I am exactly correct and have provided a reference to support my claim:


The causal tie between an artifact and its intended character -- or, strictly speaking, between an artifact and its author's productive intention -- is constituted by an author's actions, that is, by his work on the object.

IOW RichTard Hughes really thinks his ignorance is a refutation!

But that is to be expected- ya see his position is based on ignorance so he "thinks" that his ignorance can be used as a refutation.

And Richtard- thanks for staying away. That makes my blog a better place. Traffic here has picked up in the past week...

Thanks again.


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