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Monday, May 31, 2010

Using Technology to Clean the Air

In preventive maintenance and global warming I mentioned using/ creating technology to combat the effects of the industrial revolution.

Sure I am all for planting more trees, bushes, grasses, plants…

Heck if we could use the Interstate Water Distribution System to irrigate and feed the new plants.

But that isn’t the point- back to technology and CO2.

June 2010 Scientific American has an article titled “Washing Carbon Out of the Air”-

Key Concepts:

> Machines with filters made from sorbent materials can bind carbon dioxide, extracting it from the air.

> With mass production, machines might capture CO2 at $30 a ton, less than the $100 or more charged for commercial CO2 supply.

> With improved sorbents, 10 million machines across the planet could reduce CO2 concentration by five parts per million a year, more than the rate of global increase right now.

The article says there are several teams working on prototype machines.

Coming to cities and industrial areas around the world- more jobs!!!!


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