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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is blipey the clown a liar or just extremely stupid?

In the thread about paternal family trees and nested hierarchy blipey posted the following:

I believe you may also be the only person in the world (in history) that believes a paternal family tree is a ficticious construct. Of course, you could prove me wrong by finding someone who will also say that a paternal family tree doesn't exist. If they use the phrase "in reality" it would be a super bonus. I await contact from this person.

However I do not believe what blipey sez I believe.

This means that blipey is either a liar, because I have explained my position several times and even dedicated the post below this one to that explanation.

Or it would mean that clowny could be extremely stupid because it does not comprehend any of my explanations.

Perhaps it is as I have stated since it first came here- that blipey the clown is a dishonest moron. The evidence is in the quote provided.

What I will say about any "paternal family tree" is it demonstrates chauvinism.

By blipey's insistent use of a "paternal family tree" we could safely infer he is a chauvinist as well.


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