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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Note to the San Diego Chargers (dee-dee-dee)

It does not matter how much physical talent you collect if you place stupid players in key positions.

A muffed punt- Rule 1) SECURE the football THAT is your only objective at that point.

After a great defensive play- Rule 1) Do NOT get all uppity about doing your job.

Your opponent has a 4th and 5 situation- Rule 1) KNOCK the ball to the ground- do NOT attempt an interception.

And LT, if you don't want the opposition dancing on your team's logo, all you have to do is to win the game. Because if your teammates are going to run their mouths, that logo will be danced on if they do not back it up.

Smart players- that is what gave the Patriots 3 Super Bowl victories. Players reflect coaching...


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