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Saturday, October 19, 2019

A Nested Hierarchy of Designed Objects

Over on Peaceful Science they are asking for examples for design yielding a nested hierarchy. This is funny because they have never shown that they understand the concept. Universal common descent via gradual processes could never produce a nested hierarchy. There would be too many transitional forms blurring the lines of distinction. That and the fact traits can be lost which would make a descendent appear to be an ancestor.

I would love to see them present a nested hierarchy produced by blind and mindless processes. They never will. However, in "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis" Dr Michael Denton started one for designed/ manmade objects under the title of "Transport".

Under the "Transport" Kingdom you would have the Phyla- Land, Water, Air, and Hybrids.
Under the Land Phylum you would have the classes: Surface; underground; hybrids. Each of those would have Orders pertaining to engine type: diesel; steam; electric; petrol; hybrids. The families would be the different variations- trucks; cars; etc. And so on until you come to the specific cars.

Under the "Water" Phylum you would have the Classes: surface; submarine; hybrids

Under the "Air" Phylum you would have the Classes: fixed wing; helicopter; hybrids

So from there you just keep adding the criteria to fill out the rest of your nested hierarchy.


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