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Friday, August 30, 2019

Peaceful Science, Functional Information and the Immune System

Over on Peaceful Science evos are trying to use the immune system as an example of nature/ blind and mindless processes producing functional information. I will explain why their argument is nothing but question-begging nonsense.

From an ID perspective the immune system was intelligently designed. And it does exactly what it was intelligently designed to do.

That said, if they can demonstrate that the immune system evolved via natural selection, drift, CNE or any other blind and mindless mechanism, then gpuccio’s argument is falsified and there isn’t any need to talk about what the immune system produces. So all they are doing by using the immune system’s products to try to refute gpuccio, is engaging in question-begging. They are using what has to be explained in the first place as something that can produce FI, thereby refuting gpuccio.

A similar thing is seen with the type 3 secretory system and bacterial flagella. They try to use one unexplainable structure in an attempt to explain another unexplainable structure. The hypocrisy is clear. Any ID methodology will be made into a strawman and refuted. All the while they get away with the “glossy narrative” methodology.

Pathetic, really

Ask them for the methodology used to determine that blind and mindless processes- NS, drift, constructive neutral evolution- produced the differences in the proteins gpuccio’s methodology says required design intervention. Then we can all compare to see which is the more robust. Make sure you get the methodology used to determine the mutations were happenstance events. Otherwise we will be hit with another barrage of equivocation.

Or let them push you around and get nowhere. Unless that helps you refine your argument. Then it is a positive. Contingencies abound…


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