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Friday, March 27, 2015

Irreducible Complexity is STILL a STRONG Indicator of Intelligent Design

Despite evotardgasms baldly declaring that irreducibly complex systems can "evolve" (note the equivocation), there isn't any scientific data to support their claim.

Evotards really think that if they can imagine how something could have evolved then that is scientific data- good enough for them anyway. But just ask for a peer-reviewed paper demonstrating such a thing as irreducible complexity evolving via blind and undirected processes and all we get is attacked. Ask for a model and we get attacked. Ask for entailments or a hypothesis and we get attacked. It's as if our opponents are scientifically illiterate cowards.

In the trial pertaining to the Dover, PA school board the type three secretory system was brought up as an alleged functioning intermediate of a bacterial flagellum. Too bad it too is an irreducibly complex system for which there isn't any data demonstrating it can arise via blind, undirected chemical processes.

Heck evotards can't even produce experiments showing two new protein-to-protein binding sites can arise that way. That is why imagination is their only "tool".

And they wonder why the vast majority of people do not accept their claims.

Irreducible complexity has been elucidated by science. It is real. Trying to handwave it away just exposes your desperation.


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