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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Elizabeth Liddle- Choking on Historical vs OPERATIONAL (not observational) Science

Morons who think that operational and historical sciences are the same, are truly hilarious. Historical science involves inferences and most likely the event in question can never be reproduced.

For example Lizzie sez that Tiktaalik was predicted byu something- perhaps universal common descent. However it's finding now has the sequence fish->tetrapod->fishapod- so I doubt UCD predicted that. Also Ti\ktaalik's existence does NOT say anything about any mechansim so it cannot be used as evidence for any model. And there isn't any known process that can take a fish with small bones in its fins and make robust wrist-like bones. We can't even test that today!

OTOH operational science depends on cause and effect relationships. It is what allowed for nuclear power plants, hydro power, wind power, solar power- well most everything we use and depend on today.


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