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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Why Universal Common Descent is a FAILURE


Universal common descent is a complete failure for the simple reason there aren't any known naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing the diversity of life starting from some biologically relevant replicators.

Heck, there isn't even any known naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing eukaryotes, given starting populations of prokaryotes! Endosymbiosis doesn't help.

Given single-celled eukaryotes there isn't any naturalistic mechanism capable of producing metazoans!

Mechanisms determine patterns. So using patterns as evidence for "universal common descent" just proves that evos are desperate and ignorant.

There isn't even any known naturalistic mechanisms capable of producing the anatomical and physiological DIFFERENCES observed between two allegedly related species like chimps and humans!

The DNA model that differential accumulations of (random/ unguided) genetic change is total bullshit. DNA doesn't have the kind of power nor influence. 

So, here we have a mechanistic position that doesn't have a viable mechanism for doing what is claimed to have been done.

Bones are useless without articulated joints. Articulated joints are useless with ligaments, tendons and muscles. And muscles are useless without nerves. And nerves are useless without ions to create a potential difference. And the ions are useless without a way to get in and out of the nerves. And without existing, specialized neurotransmitters nerves are useless to the command center.

Evos don't have anything to account for that.


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