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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Mikkel Rumraket Repeats the Lie like a Fool


Mikkel Rumraket is a fool and a liar. He thinks there is some sort of genetic control. And he also thinks that evolution is an intelligent designer! That's the same bullshit lie that Darwin spewed in the 19th century.

The only way evolution could be an intelligent designer is if evolution was intelligently designed, as are genetic algorithms. Genetic algorithms use telic processes to figure out solutions to specific processes.

There still isn't any evidence that evolution by means of blind and mindless processes, like natural selection, is a designer mimic. None. In over 150 years since Darwin first published his lies no one has been able to find any evidentiary support for them. And now we know the DNA model is a total failure!

Why do evoTARDs lie so much? Why do they think their lies are arguments? I guess that is why they only post on very protected forums. Their bullshit would never hold on an open forum.


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