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Friday, October 22, 2021

Alan Fox is Still an Ignorant Ass and Coward


Alan Fox is such an ignorant ass and coward. He, and other evoTARDs, think that ID is dead. Yet ID offers the only scientific explanation for our existence! EvoTARDs can't even formulate a scientific theory of evolution! Evolutionary biologists don't even know what determines biological form.

Evolutionists have squandered over 150 years on a failed and unscientific concept!

Back to Alan Fox- this guy is a total lying loser. He is too chicken-shit to actually ante up and debate me on the which side has the science vs which side is full of shit. All he does is lie like the cowa5rdly bitch that he is. And when his lies are exposed all he does is censor you or run away to the safety of a site that doesn't allow objections.

Alan Fox is a pathetic waste of skin.

As for Kevin Middlebrook- anyone who says that ice is made of water is an imbecile who doesn't have any right to judge others. Anyone who claims to be a marine biologist and yet didn't know that a whale has a tail is too much of an imbecile to judge anyone. Kevin Middlebrook thinks that ice is made of water. Kevin has claimed to be a marine biologist but was ignorant of the whale's tail. And Kevin actually said that water becomes ice via some molecular code!

Kevin Middlebrook is another shit eating cowa5rd that is too afraid to ante up and have a debate on science.


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