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Monday, September 13, 2021

Neil Rickert is an Equivocator and a Liar


Still pathetic, Neil:

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of evidence giving details of the evolution of homo sapiens – which is the species that most concerns evolution denialists. And then, over the last few month, people have been watching reports on the evolution of COVID-19. It is becoming increasing difficult to deny evolution.

Total bullshit. First, there isn't any evidence giving details of the alleged evolution of Home sapiens from non humans. There isn't even any known naturalistic mechanism capable of producing the anatomical and physiological differences observed between humans and knuckle-walkers. Second, YECs have accepted that species vary for a long, long time. YECs claim that extant species evolved from the originally Created Kinds.

The main problem with polls on evolution is that they are very dishonest. The pollsters do NOT seem to understand that mainstream evolutionary biologists claim that evolution proceeds via blind and mindless processes. That means they leave out the facts that such a claim is total untestable bullshit. They also miss the fact the word "evolution" has several different meanings. So it is equivocation at its finest.


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