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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

What is the RNA World Hypothesis?


The RNA World hypothesis is pure bullshit promoted by atheistic materialists who actually think that nature produced living organisms. It is free of evidentiary support. It is based on a need because they know that DNA-first life is impossible for nature to produce.

 Yeah, yeah. It’s very simple, it‘s just the idea that the most primitive cells, the primordial cells were based on RNA, which played the role of the genetic material and they used RNA to carry out biochemical functions to catalyze reactions. The smoking gun is the cellular machine, the ribosome, right, which it turns out it’s built partly out of RNA and partly out of proteins, but it’s the RNA part that actually makes new proteins, so RNA makes all the proteins in our bodies and every cell, so it makes sense that RNA came first. All we have to do is figure out how something as complicated as RNA came to exist on the early Earth. Jack Szostak. 

Smoking gun? Wow, talk about desperation. These motherfuckers will believe anything as long as it doesn't involve Intelligent Design. 


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