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Sunday, August 08, 2021

Gary Hurd, AKA Dr GH, Still Proudly Clueless


Earth to Gary Hurd, it doesn't get any dumber than thinking that nature produced living organisms. You can't be any more stupid than thinking that nature produced coded information processing systems, and living organisms are ruled by them. That takes desperate stupidity.

Unfazed by reality, Gary spews:

The level of stupid is hiking higher daily. There must be a limit! Some boundary condition I hope short of extinction.

 Yes, as long as evolutionism rules public schools' biology classes the level of stupidity will keep hiking higher. The limit will be just how much bullshit people are willing to deal with before saying enough is enough. And all that is going to take is students asking the hard questions and demanding answers. 

Then evolutionism will fall because it is just a house of cards built on the illusion that DNA determines biological form. That DNA guides development of organisms and systems. That is all bullshit. DNA doesn't determine biological form. DNA doesn't guide anything. It is just a template for RNAs and itself. And even then DNA doesn't do anything but fall apart without an existing suite of specific proteins.

Game over. Yet evoTARDs will never admit it.


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