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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Alan Fox Proves that he is Still a Clueless Ass


Alan Fox needs to buy a vowel because he is a clueless ass. Case in point, Alan's clueless drivel: Design by Natural Selection: the LTEE

The LTEE doesn't show any design by natural selection. That's because there isn't any evidence that natural selection produced prokaryotes. There isn't any evidence that the mutations were all just chance events, as natural selection mandates. Alan Fox is just a question-begging coward.

Alan spews:

The most spectacular change so far has been the arrival of the ability of one line to metabolise citrate aerobically.

And yet that was a very meager thing. The change also fits in with Dr. Spetner's "built-in responses to environmental cues". All that happened was the gene for citrate transport was duplicated. And, according to evoTARDs, the duplicate just happened to be placed under the control of an existing binding site that also just happened to be active in the presence of oxygen. You see E. coli have the ability to utilize citrate. It's just that in the presence of oxygen the citrate transport gene isn't expressed. So the only possible gene that could help in this situation was duplicated.

No new proteins were made. No new protein machinery has been formed. the LTEE has demonstrated the severe limitations of evolutionary processes.

Only a desperate evoTARD would think the LTEE is actually helpful to them. And only a desperate evoTARD would think the LTEE refutes genetic entropy. Enter Alan Fox, cowardly, lying evoTARD.

Edited on Feb 23rd because evoTARDs are too stupid to understand 


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