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Monday, November 16, 2020

Why the Modern Synthesis and Modern Evolutionary Thought, Fails


The modern synthesis paired Darwin's ideas on evolution with the new field of genetics. DNA was the inherited molecule that afforded the variation that allegedly drove universal common descent. Unfortunately we now know that is total bullshit.

How do we know that it's total bullshit? Because DNA just encodes for amino acid sequences. Those amino acid sequences are called polypeptides. DNA doesn't even control how those polypeptides will fold. Some proteins seem to follow their sequence in folding, meaning the sequence determines the folding via chemical attraction. However we know prions can come along and, without changing that sequence, they change the spatial shape. But that is moot as most proteins require chaperones to be able to fold properly.

DNA doesn't even determine where the proteins will go after they are formed. DNA does not tell the proteins how to assemble into structures. DNA does not determine what type of cells will form during development. DNA does not direct cellular differentiation by determining what cell is what.

So, far from rescuing Darwin, modern biology refutes him.


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