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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

From Molecules to Life? The Desperation, it Shows


Nature can produce plenty of rocks and stones and yet nature cannot produce Stonehenges, castles or walled cities. Yet, when it comes to biology, nature can produce the molecules of life so it can produce life. Pure bullshit.

This is what happens when good science is subject to bullshit conclusions. From molecules to coded information processing systems is a HUGE leap. And Spiegelman's Monster is still an issue. Heck, getting biologically relevant replicating molecules in the first place is still a HUGE issue.

Again, the program and what they are doing is great science. Using a computer to speed up KNOWN processes is always a good thing. But jumping to faulty conclusions from that work isn't.

I know that there are people who really think that is how life arose. These are desperate people. They think Intelligent Design involves magic when they are claiming that nature produce coded information processing systems without wanting or trying to. It just happened, magically, of course.


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