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Sunday, December 01, 2019

Proof that Evos are Losers and Cowards

It is very telling that evoTARDs would NEVER go to Uncommon Descent and challenge an IDists to a debate on science-> ID vs their lame-ass position. And when someone goes to their blogs and does that they all run away like the ignorant cowards that they are. 

The above also pertains all the losers on Peaceful Science- Swamidass would never do it. Mercer would never do it. Harshman would never do it. They know they would all lose badly.

Evos are the biggest lying cowards the planet has ever known.


  • At 3:29 PM, Blogger JV said…

    You are being a bit ingenuous here I think. You KNOW that many people have been banned from Uncommon Descent because they strongly disagree with the blog's claims. You KNOW that some people, like yourself, have been banned for violating the site's codes when other are allowed to tramp all over them. I know you have had at least three different accounts at Uncommon Descent; why are you holding it up as some kind of fair forum?

    I can't speak for the other sites but there is a real reason people don't want to post on Uncommon Descent: it's not fair and objective. If you disagree with certain people you are probably going to be kicked off. This is just true.

  • At 3:54 PM, Blogger Joe G said…

    Nope, you are being a willfully ignorant jerk. People get banned from UD for being insipid trolls or they used bad language.

    I am one who gets banned for the foul language. I am morally obligated to point out liars, losers, bluffers and equivocators. I do not hold back when I do so.

    Fair and objective? You fucking hypocrite. If you and yours had something sensible to say and backed by science, you are good to go. But all you and yours can do is flail away like a bunch of losers and cowards. You have NEVER presented a link to any scientific theory of evolution. YOU have NEVER led by example by producing the evidence and tests that support your position.

    If someone went to UD and issued the challenge I suggested, they would be more than welcomed until it was shown they had no intention of following through. All it would take is one post to expose that person as a bluffer and equivocator.

    UD is more than OK with people who cannot actually support what they say. They are not OK with the insipid trolls who continually prove they have nothing.


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