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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Timothy Horton Proudly Ignorant of Codes

Codes- all of our knowledge says codes only come from an intelligent source.  It goes against everything that we know to suggest any code arose via blind and mindless processes. Not only do you need the codes but also the physical systems that can carry them out.

That is an irrefutable fact. Every experience and observation supports that claim. So what does the dumbass Timothy Horton spew?
Still wrong Joe. Only codes which use arbitrary symbols as abstractions for other values require an intelligent source. There are plenty of natural processes which encode information. Starlight encodes the chemical composition of the star in its spectral bands. Tree rings encode local weather patterns in the width of the rings. Evolution is a natural process which encodes information about the environment into the genome of living creatures. So no, all coding codes doesn’t require intelligence.
By that logic shit is a code. Urine is a code. But I digress.
There are plenty of natural processes which encode information. 
That is your opinion but let's take a look:
Starlight encodes the chemical composition of the star in its spectral bands. 
There isn't a definition of encode that fits that description:

There isn't any code with tree rings.

Timothy is ignorant of codes and proud of his ignorance. Not one thing that Timmy mentioned is a code. Not one. This has been explained to that moron thousands of times and yet it still spews its ignorance as if it means something.

The genetic code is arbitrary as it is not determined by any physical/ chemical process. The RNA codes REPRESENT their respective amino acids, they do not chemically transform into them.


  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger Eugen said…

    Natural processes leave traces of their activity and evolutionist call it encoding. Like you said it doesn't fit standard definition.


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