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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Neil Rickert- Stupid or Ignorant?

Neil Rickert posted the following drivel on "Peaceful Science":

I’m replying to this using my computer. And, when I think about it, the operating system of my computer is a blind and mindless process.
Except for the fact that the operating system is a well scripted program that manages the computer's software and hardware  resources via intelligently programmed telic processes. There isn't anything bind or mindless about an OS. Total dumbass call there, Neil.

Then Neil ignorantly spews:
Yes, the critics of evolution do often use the “blind and mindless” expression in their criticism. But perhaps they cannot help themselves, because of the way that they have been caught up in a blind and mindless way of reading their Bible.
Actually it was Darwin who started the bind and mindless processes claim when he conjured up natural selection as a designer mimic, ie design without a designer.

Jerry Coyne wrote Natural selection and evolution: material, blind, mindless, and purposeless.

“Natural selection is the blind watchmaker, blind because it does not see ahead, does not plan consequences, has no purpose in view.” Dawkins in “The Blind Watchmaker”

“Natural selection is the simple result of variation, differential reproduction, and heredity—it is mindless and mechanistic.”- UC Berkley on Evolution
The entire debate is about what blind and mindless processes can accomplish vs. what requires intelligent intervention to produce. So clearly Neil's ignorance is willful and runs deep.


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