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Saturday, April 07, 2018

The Genetic Code- Expected Before it was Found- So What?

Glen Davidson is one clueless imp. He has a new post up on TSZ titled The Genetic Code: Expected Before It Was Found- to which I say- so what? That doesn't mean natural selection and drift didit. You still don't have a mechanism capable of producing the genetic code.

IDists say the genetic code is evidence for ID for the simple reason only intelligent agencies can produce codes and nature cannot. If you and yours had any evidence that nature could produce codes you could have a chance to win up to 5.1 MILLION dollars:

Technology Prize for Origin of Information

So stop with your blah, blah. blah and get to work

At this stage, the only thing about (blind watchmaker) evolutionary advocates that interests me is their psychology. They are a demented lot who don't seem to give a damn about reality or science. Yes, looking at your Richard Saunders, aka Kantian Naturalist/ loser


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