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Monday, March 13, 2017

Joshua Swamidass is still Confused

And he throws in a straw man too- Joshua sez:

It appears we do disagree with science ability to detect purpose. He seems to think Divine purpose is detectable with science. I do not.
Science can and does detect purpose- see archaeology and forensic science for two such scientific venues that detect purpose. The straw man is "Divine" purpose as ID is not about the Divine. As Arthur Clarke once said:
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
So how could we tell?

That's the problem with theistic evolutionists. Just because they think God didit but God cannot be detected for whatever reason, they think ID is also about detecting God. And yet IDists have made it very clear that Paley went too far to infer God didit when looking at design. Even Dr Behe makes it clear that it is his faith and not the evidence for Intelligent Design that leads him to God as the Designer.

So yes we can use science to detect purpose and no ID is not about detecting the divine. The authors of "The Privileged Planet" claim that the evidence points to a purpose- that our place in the universe was designed for discovery.

Only a dipshit would try to limit science, Joshua


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