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Monday, December 19, 2016

Biologos- Home for Cowardly Liars and Losers calling themselves "christian"

Well that was fun. I went to Biologos to see what theistic evolutionists have to say and all they can say are lies and bullshit. Those people are as bad as evoTARDs when it comes to having an honest and open discussion.

Out of one side of their mouths they say that blind watchmaker evolution isn't science and then turn around and say the scientific theory of evolution is the blind watchmaker thesis! Then they lie about Darwin having ways to test his claims. And when I call them on their lies I get booted- well I also said they weren't christians which hurt their little non-christian hearts.

When I said ID is not anti-evolution one moron said I was being disingenuous even though he hadn't read my essay that I linked to. Then another chimed in saying evolution is defined as universal common descent and because there are IDists who argue against it that means ID does too. Total dipshit.

I can only conclude that theistic evolutionists are a clueless lot. They say that God didit but they also say that we cannot make that determination. It is pathetic to limit yourself like that but they seem to relish it.

Theistic evolutionists, dipshits without a clue. "christians" like that are one of the reasons I no longer consider myself to be a christian.


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