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Friday, October 02, 2015

New evoTARDgasm- Mass Extinction Prevents Fossilization! Ghostrider the Moron

The Chicxulub impact allegedly killed off the dinosaurs. However if it did we would expect to see dinosaur fossils up to the impact layer (iridium layer), straddling that layer and right on top of that layer. Yet a sockpuppet that goes by ghostrider sez:

No dino fossils have ever been found above it. That's exactly the result you'd expect from a major rapid die-off. 
What? You would think with all the debris raining down on them the dead animals would be quickly buried and preserved for fossilization. All of the big scavengers would be gone.

This is the same moron who sez the layer on top of the iridium is millions of years old but 5" below the iridium layer is part of the impact event.


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