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Thursday, July 23, 2015

One True Scientific Definition of Natural Selection

Ernst Mayr, one of the architects of the modern synthesis defined natural selection, ie as a process of elimination. keiths says that means if there isn't any death then there isn't any selection even though there can be differences in allele frequency. For example if there were two alleles occurring at equal frequency and that shifted to 90% to 10%, there wouldn't be due to natural selection. And that has keiths all upset.

However there is elimination going on via differential reproduction. If the allele that fell to 10% was caused by the lack of reproductive success or failure to match the other allele's success, that still counts as elimination.

It would be only if a population reached Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium that there wouldn't be any natural selection.

Also keiths is a dishonest prick for making up shit about an argument I never made and calling me wrong. What a total lowlife he is. He is just upset because I understand evolution 10x better than he does,


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