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Monday, May 04, 2015

The "Best" Evidence? Another case of Liddle's Cluelessness

The following is allegedly the most persuasive evidence for unguided evolution:
But some classics would be:
The Grants’ work on Galapagos Finch Beaks
Endler’s work on guppies
Lenksi et al’s work both on bacteria and on AVIDA
The discovery of Tiktaalik as predicted
The discovery of Ediacaran fauna
Virtually any palaeontological studies using phylogenetic analysis
Population Genetics work on drift
Molecular biological studies on the primate Vitamin C gene
Most of biological anthropology.
The success of GAs to actually design things that have stumped human designers.
There’s a start, anyway!
That isn't a start, it's a total failure!

The Grant's work doesn't support unguided evolution. Endler's work doesn't either. Lenski- nope. The discovery of Tiktaalik didn't have anything to do with unguided evolution. And GAs model intelligent design evolution.

Elizabeth Liddle has proven that she is a clueless equivocator. She even thinks that selection and elimination are the same process because they both have elimination and survivors.


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