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Friday, February 20, 2015

Alan Fox- Totally Clueless

Yup, Alan dumbass Fox is at it again. This time Alan spews:

Nobody in the ID camp has been prepared to formulate any kind of theory or hypothesis with anything approaching the rigor necessary to be able to perform any sort of controlled experiment or test. 
LoL! Nobody in the evoTARD camp can lead by example by showing us how evolutionism does that. There isn't any theory for unguided evolution. There isn't any testable hypotheses either. Rigor? BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- all evolutionism has are promissory notes that the future will uncover the secrets.

Intelligent Design posits testable entailments, Alan. That is more than your position has to offer.

And BTW, saying something was intelligently designed is a valid explanation, Alan. Archaeology, forensic science, SETI and other venues use it to determine the path of continuing investigation.


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