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Saturday, July 12, 2014

RichTARD Hughes and His War on Logic, Reason and Science

Clueless TARD Richie Hughes has a new nonsensical post in which he sez:

At its (theistic) core, ID and creationism is angry with materialism / philosophical naturalism. 

ID doesn't have a theistic core and it isn't angry with materialism. Materialism is a failed philosophy so why be angry with it? He then sez IDists are all functional materialists yet doesn't explain what that is nor why IDists are all functional materialists.

Then Richie spews that science is our enemy. That is funny because science is what led us to the design inference and science confirms the design inference every day. He goes on to spew:

 It has explained the actual mechanisms of many phenomena previously attributed to the divine and is incredibly successful in a real word / pragmatic way.

No examples given. Also Richie doesn't understand that under materialism everything is just a matter of sheer dumb luck- innumerable improbable coincidences- and that is the real enemy of science.

Read Richie;s ignorant spewage for yourself


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