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Friday, June 27, 2014

Richie Hughes and the Lying EvoTARDs of The Septic Zone

I haven't looked in on TSZ for a while and decided to take a look. All I read was the same ole lying claptrap- Richie creme-cake Hughes saying that CSI hasn't been investigated even though I have presented peer-review papers that have investigated and calculated it*. Patrick the assface May saying that irreducible complexity has been refuted even though there isn't any evidence in peer-review that supports that claim. And fatass Joe Felsenstein misrepresenting CSI by saying the definition includes what it is supposed to demonstrate (because gpuccio's English isn't very good and Joe cannot understand what Dembski writes).

All of this when all it would take to falsify ID is to actually do the work and demonstrate purely materialistic processes can actually do what materialism requires of them. But they don't even know where to start.

See for yourselves: That pesky evoTARD ignorance  (not the original title of the thread but it is a better fit).

Still entertaining and still pathetic.

*Measuring CSI in Biology


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