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Friday, April 18, 2014

Kevin R, McCarthy- Still a Lying Little Bitch

Kevin you are just a piece of shit liar. Is that really the best you can do?

Kevin spews:

 One of the ID proponents that I deal with fairly often has now jumped the shark. He has claimed that because science can’t prove that mutations are 100% totally random, then Intelligent Design is the only viable explanation for how mutations happen.
Although he doesn't say it I am sure he is referring to me. Too bad for Kevin he is lying. All I did was ask what the methodology was that determined that all mutations are chance events. No one can say except for they look that way to them.

I never said that since no one knows then ID- NEVER. Kevin is a little faggot liar. Well he has to lie to make himself feel important.

But anyway- in 1997 "Not By Chance" was published and it discussed the non-random nature of many types of mutations. And recently "Evolution: A View from the 21st Century" was published listing many types of non-random mutations. These are mutations that are guided by the organism. For example search for "SOS response"- it is one type of guided mutations and there are many more. Our immune system is a perfect example of guided mutations.

Transposons carry within their sequence the coding for two of the enzymes required for them to move around. Without them they wouldn't be transposons. I would love to see Kevin model how unguided evolution produced them.

Ya see THAT is the whole problem- Kevin's position is not science regardless of how much he whines. It doesn't have a testable model. It doesn't have any supporting math. And it is totally useless as a research heuristic.

So the ONLY answer that can be given to the question "are mutations random?" is we do not know. And the only way to say they are is to demonstrate that living organisms can arise from non-living matter and energy via unguided processes. Yup the OoL is the key because if living organisms were designed then it is a given they were designed to evolve and evolved by design.


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