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Friday, November 09, 2012


Taxonomy is our way to classify organisms. Linnean taxonomy is the one used most of teh time. Cladistics is another way to classify organisms.

Linnean taxonomy was invented by a CREATIONIST named Karl von Linne, aka Carolus Linnaeus. He set up the system when he was trying to determine what were the Created Kinds. The system he used he based on a COMMON DESIGN. Yes, that means the observed objective nested hierarchy amongst metazoans is also based on a common design.

The strange part is many people do not realize any of what I just posted. That is because the high priests of evolutionism have done a good job at hiding that fact. Ya see they stole Linne's idea, changed "archetype" to "common ancestor" and used Linne's system as their very own.

So the next time you see some evo spewing nonsense about taxonomy, please let them know the reality behind the system.


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