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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DNA and Common Ancestry- The Evo Fraud Exposed

Just when you thought evoTARDs couldn't be as dishonest as they are being exposed as, we expose their lies about DNA evidence and common ancestry.

That's right. Part of the alleged evidence for universal common descent and the sharing of a common ancestor is DNA evidence. This DNA evidence is alleged to be the same as DNA evidence that demonstrates paternity/ maternity. But is it? (No)

The DNA evidence for a common ancestry via universal common descent uses patterns of pseudogenes and ERVs. Paternity/ maternity tests do NOT use those DNA sequences. They use other genetic markers. Evolutionists have been lying to us, as usual.

Both Alan Fox and Nick Matzke were called out on this over on Uncommon Descent and both fled like the cowards they are. That tells us volumes about evos and their dishonesty.


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