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Monday, July 02, 2012

Kevin R McCarthy, AKA Ogre MK V, Still a Lying Ignorant Punk

Kevin, give it a rest. You are an ignorant little fuck.

Kevin posted ignorant drivel on Obamacare, I responded, which went straight to "your comment is awaiting moderation", just as all my comments do- I have many there now- and kevvy the liar lets one through and spews:
Hey, they must have reset the spam filters. Meh, I’ll let this go.

You are a lying faggot Kevin. YOU let the comment through because you thought you had something to say to refute it. Unfortunately you choked.

My response, which is awaiting moderation-

The “tax” thing is the only reason it got through the USSC.

A for eating healthy, well that is the reason why health care is so expensive- we, as a people, are very unhealthy. Car accidents are covered by auto insurance and are a very minor player in the health care system.

But anyway, Kevin, obviously you are ignorant of the health-care issues of today and the fact that the people of the US are very unhealthy because we choose to be.

And you are lying about the spam filters because my post said “waiting for moderation” and you chose to post it.

Kevin is too fucking stupid to understand that the reason our health care system is so expensive and over burdened is becauuse we Americans are unhealthy and that just by changing our life styles to a healthy life style would alleviate the burden and the expense.

He is also too stupid to understand that any health care system that using reactive measure as opposed to preventitaive measures is doomed to failure and insurance is reactive.

Stupid, evoTARD liberals. It should be legal to launch them to the moon.


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