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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Kevin ReTard McCarthy, aka Ogre MK V- Still Squawking Like a Little Lying Bitch

Recently Kevin Retard McCarthy posted this bit of tripe:

JoeG has more comments on my blog than every other commenter combined. There are some great quotes attributed to JoeG. I think the best was the discussion in which I asked him to explain his version of thermodynamics by asking what would happen to the energy level in a closed system as one mol of H2O disassociated into H and O, then back into water. His response began an epic multipage discussion about how a “mol” is not “one molecule” of water. I even admitted that it was a trick question when I asked it (because in a closed system it can’t happen. Yet, he thought the ‘trick’ was that one molecule of water couldn’t change state. We had many laughs at that one.

Of course, JoeG also thinks that hail is not made of water and that finding out about your family and casually mentioning them in a comment is equal to a valid discussion.

1- Hail is made up of ice and dust, not water. Rain is made up of water and dust. There is a difference between water and ice. Even first graders understand that. So what is KevTARD's issue?

2- Kevin did not know that "upper and lower" meant ELEVATION

3- Kevin does not understand that there is a difference between evolution the thing and the theory of evolution which attempts to explain that thing

4- Given that there is no way I could assume that Kevin knew that a "mole" was a unit of measure

5- Kevin's "closed system" was never properly defined. I even told him that and yet he prattles on anyway. No, Kevin, you never said that your mole of water was the only thing in your closed system. Obvioulsy you are an illiterate fuck

6- Yes I posted on KevTARD's blog- someone had to try to correct all the mistakes he makes and he makes plenty.

7- No I never said nor implied that one molecule of H2O cannot change states. I said that if you have only one molecule of H2O you cannot tell if it is water, ice or steam.


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