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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kevin R. McCarthy, aka OgreMk5, Thinks He has Refuted Archaeology, Forensics, SETI and Intelligent Design

Yup Kevin is at it again, this time he thinks he has devised a test that will show that archaeology, forensic science, SETI, Intelligent Design, insurance fraud and more are all baseless and without merit.

Of course all he does is erect a strawman because he is an ignorant asshole and that is all he is good for.

I will say it AGAIN Kevin- Intelligent Design, archaeology, forensics, insurance fraud all say they can determine what happens by chance and/ or necessity with what requires agency involvement. And that means, as I have told you but you ignored, context is everything.

The funniest part about Kevin's test- it also renders his position moot as his position also requires the ability to determin between design and not.

Way to go dumbass...


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