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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Scientopia Guest Blog

Scientopia has a guest blog:
This is a new Scientopia blog that will be hosting a wonderful slate of non-Scientopia bloggers for two-week guest-blogging stints. Have fun!

Scientopia states:
Scientopia is a collective of people who write about science because they love to do so. It is a community, held together by mutual respect and operated by consensus, in which people can write, educate, discuss, and learn about science and the process of doing science. In this we explore the interplay between scientific issues and other parts of our lives with the shared goal of making science more accessible.

As a community, we strive to be welcoming of anyone with an interest in science and its place in our world, regardless of any feature, whether extrinsic or intrinsic, which may act or have historically acted as a barrier to full participation in science or discourses about science.

What the guest blog does is invites people from outside their collective to talk about science- science without barriers.

That is important as some people love to put barriers around science and refuse to discuss anything they deem outside of those barriers- even if reality is outside of those barriers.

Those people are like the drunk who is looking for his lost keys under the street light (even though he/she didn't drop them there) because that is the only place that has enough light so he/she can see.

Where was I...

OK so there is a guest blog for people who want to discuss their ideas on science. Unfortunately they allow people who have such a narrow view on science they cannot accept any critisism nor account for their mistakes and can only "respond" by saying their opponents don't understand science and don't have any right being there.

When that doesn't work they throw a hissy fit, get their evogoons involved, send out emails contacting the collective- get others to do so too-> can't do anything without the mob- and settle it "scientifically".

But until it gets settled Kevin will take his ball, go home and come back only if the collective agrees to ban me.

Is that about right, Kev?


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