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Monday, October 03, 2011

Nicholas J. Matzke is a Total Asshole

That's right, as if I needed to say it- Nicholas J. matzke, formewrly of the NCSE, is a total asshole. The following is my evidence:

Over on Telic Thoughts NickMatzke sez-
Venema, others at BioLogos, and other critics like me have been arguing that the most obvious huge crashing flaw with that is that there is at least one major nonintelligent source of information, namely evolution by multiple rounds of mutation and selection (where mutation includes gene duplication etc.).


What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you really think your bullshit willful ignorance means something?

1- Intelligent Design is NOT anti-evolution

2- There isn't any evidence that gene duplications are Darwinian/ neo-darwinain processes

The moron goes on to say:
Thus the validity of Meyer's logical argument turns out to hang on whether or not evolution can produce new information, and this motivates a debate about whether or not it is reasonable to think that natural evolutionary processes can produce new genes.

Wrong again, asshole. Meyer even states it in his book- page 4-> "blind and undirected" processes. Ya see Nick, you are so much of an asshole you still think ID is anti-evolution even though Meyer himself says ID is OK with evolution- as do Behe, Dembski, Wells, et al.

So Nick, THAT is why the origin of life is so important. The ONLY way you can call on gene duplications to support your position is by demonstrating a living organism can arise from non-living matter via blind and undirected chemical processes. Until you do that you are just being a total asshole with your question-begging wussyness.


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