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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kevin R. McCarthy- Lying Like a Little Bitch AGAIN!

This never gets old- Kevin R. McCarthy, known liar and loser for science is lying again.

This time Kevin sez:
It is not a place for your strawmen, your argument from authority, and your arguments from ignorance

Yet he never supports that tripe. His comment before that was all lies:

Yes Joe, misinformation about evolution like some of the things YOU have said like:

Evolution is totally random/chance
there are no transitional fossils
evolution denies God (or a designer)
Evolution is just a theory
x can't evolve because its too complex
etc. etc. etc.

But this thread isn't about evolution. In fact, not a single post I have made here is about evolution, I would appreciate you staying on topic.

Yet HE brought up evolution in the post I commented on! Not only that his accusations are lies.

So it doesn't matter where he posts, Kevin R. McCarthy is mothing but a piece-of-shit liar.


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