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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kevin R. McCarthy, AKA OgreMKV, Still Choking on his Ignorance

Yup I can always rely on Kevin to spew evotard nonsense. In his latest spewage he sez:
This is, of course, the entire underpinning of modern creationism and the argument by analogy was dismissed well over a hundred years ago for the simple reason that watches don’t self reproduce and have changes in their manufacturing instructions with each generation.

Question-begging- how did self-reproduction arise? Where did those instruction come from?

Also even the RNA world needs to have two strands of RNA to go- one as a template and one as the catalyst- IOW self-reproduction isn’t even an option.

He also bitches about argument from analogy- well ALL evotards do because they don't have any analogies to support their position.

He also continues to conflate mere complexity with the specified complexity ID requires and he conflates simple pattern repitition with complexity.


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