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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Science Teacher Kevin R. McCarthy, AKA OgreMKV, Provides An EvoTard "Explanation" For the Diversity of Life

I am starting to understand evotard stance against "critical analysis".

Good ole science teacher OgreMKV sez that since we observe a wide variety of dogs that are so morphologically dissimilar such as some should be separate species, and we did that in a very limited time, then nature can produce the diversity of life given eons of time. (here)

It is basically the same bullshit "argument" Darwin used- except he didn't use dogs as his example. Darwin was well practiced at animal husbandry so he also extrapolated from his observations and experiences.

Unfortunately the dogs are dogs and will remain dogs. The body plan is all the same. You have extremes that may not be able to interbreed but you have varying degrees- ie intermediates- leading to and from those extremes who can.

And if left to themselves they would become feral- all mixed, well those who could survive, will not segregate. IOW science teacher Ogre's analogy is a big fail. Take humans out of the equation and the observed phenotypic plasticity disappears. And mother nature is powerless to bring it back.

So there you have it OgreMKV but I bet you won't be telling your students any of that- using your example, nature, if left to itself, reduces diversity.

I'll get your your bullshit "explanation" for natural selection tomorrow.


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