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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally!!- Exposing "Expelled Exposed"!!!!

Thank you Casey Luskin for doing something tat needed to be done.

I started such a task but the bull-shit on "Expelled Exposed" was just TOO deep for me.

Exposing "Expelled Exposed"

This just adds more evidence to the fact that the NCSE is a bull-shit, lying propaganda machine and a bunch of nauseating faggots.

Eugenie Scott is a disgrace and a clueless tool- or worse she knows what she is doing.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Evo-Devo- The Last Hope

When Sean Carroll's books came out- "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" and "Making of the Fittest", I was told the answers to my questions were contained within.

That is these books were supposed to tell me how organisms changed- ie evolved- and in the grand fashion I claimed lacked supporting genetic data.

So I read the books and came away very disappointed.

More speculation. But reasoned speculation nontheless.

It is interesting stuff. A few slight changes at the right time in development could cause large effects in the end result- evo-devo.

However it hasn't been until recently that it is come together for me- why evo-devo? And why now?

"Now" could be answered that we have just been able to uncover such secrets.

"Now" could also be answered because there is no way to produce new genes because that also requires all the meta-information- transcription factors etc.- so the faith is now in a change in a few (or even many) switches.

I say there is no way to create the new genes- I know of gene duplication- because recent mathematical studies have demonstrated the daunting task of getting a new binding site- a very small segment of DNA- for already existing genes.

So you could duplicate a gene but without a binding site, promoter, enhancer and whatever else it needs, you don't have anything except more DNA.

Back to Carroll.

He couldn't show that any amount of switch flicking can turn a fruit fly into a butterfly.

He just knows that the ONLY hope left for his position is some magical combination of switches, thrown at the right time, controlling the right chemical reactions, can provide that "holy grail" of evolutionary biology- how do new body plans arise?

No one knows but his faith is in those switches because that is the last hope...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Save the World by becoming a Vegitarian!

The Feb 2009 issue of SciAm says that the source that produces the second-most amount of greenhouse gasses is the raising of livestock- beef, pork and chicken (beef being the biggest producer of those 3).

No. 1 producer is from our energy production and No. 3 is transportation.

So we bring back nuclear (or nucular) power. Add solar and wind power. Become a world of vegitarians, build hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and electric powered cars.

Then that, in turn, should lower the No. 4 producer- fossil-fuel retrieval.

Those 4, according to SciAm, account for about 65% of greenhouse gas production.

The remaining 35% is produced by agriculture (about 12), residential (about 10), manufacturing (about 7), land use (aboit 4) and waste disposal and treatment (about 3)- all numbers were rounded up.