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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Richie Hughes non-blog blog

Yeah you got it- the non-blog blog.

Take a look for yourself:

Richie's non-blog blog

He states:

Let’s look closely and the dishonesty, bad science and hypocrisy of the ID movement.

But absolutely nothing. So I take it that Richie couldn't find anything and couldn't make up anything either, because there is absolutely nothing a place holder for his blog and a violation of rights for his "other" post.

So let's look at Richie's claim:

1 Dishonesty- Yup that fits Richie and his retards to a tee

2 bad science- if you can call sheer dumb luck "science"

3 hypocrisy- saying publish in peer-review all the while stifling any attempt to do so and destroying careers in the process.

No I understand why fate intervined and changed my path to engineering. Had I been in Gonzales' shoes at ISU I would have beaten Hector to a pulp. But it would be in the name of science- natural selection and all.

Richie retardo ends his bold claim with:

But they DO have God on there side…

We DO? Not necessarily...


  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger Rich Hughes said…

    Its just placeholder, Joe.

    I'm more active at AtBC. You have your own thread there.


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