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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lose Weight, Normalize Cholesterol and Eliminate Acid Indigestion!

Lose weight, normalize cholesterol and eliminate acid indigestion!

(Hat tip to Kevin Trudeau- “More Natural “Cures” Revealed”)

1. Start with a body cleansing. “Dual Action Cleanse” will work for those who do not want to opt for a colonic.

2. If you have taken antibiotics you may want to add a Candida cleanse.

3. Drink Acai juice. I drink Acai-Max from the California Academy of Health. 1-2 oz 15 minutes before breakfast and 1-2 OZ before bed.

4. Take digestive enzymes with your meals.

5. Stop eating at 7PM (or least 3 hours before going to bed).

6. Eat a big breakfast. (to burn fat exercise* before eating your first meal)

7. Add hot peppers or organic salsa to all of your food- spice it up to increase your basal body temperature which increases metabolism. Sweat while you eat!

8. Raw organic honey apple cider vinegar- I use George Gershman’s Drink.- 2 oz three times a day, before a meal. (say bye-bye to acid indigestion)

9. Organic raw virgin coconut oil- 1 teaspoon before each meal. You can even add this to your meals in place of butter or vegetable oil.

10. Drink Yerba Mata tea- 3-4 cups a day

* at least ½ hour of sweat-breaking cardio

I dropped 30 lbs and my cholesterol was lowered to 192 (from 257)- within 2 months.